secure networks

Our Secure Network Services

Sonicwall – Firewall, VPN and Remote access appliances

Cisco – Firewall, VPN, Remote Access and Wireless access points


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Have questions about Secure Networks?

Do I need a firewall ?


If you access the internet you will already be using a firewall it’s a service built into all routers including your basic router supplied by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), A Sonicwall or Cisco firewall provides enhanced security features like Content filtering and secure remote access to your office

What if I have more than 1 office ?


If you have more than 1 office you can use the builtin Site to site VPN service to connect the offices together, this enables you to share common resources like phone systems, printers, both cloud non cloud applications and NAS based storage in a more secure environment.

Can I add services as my business grows ?


Both Sonicwall and Cisco provide a range of add on licenses and support packages that enable you to add both fuctonallity and support depending on your requirements and size.