MailGuard is a technological innovator, providing enterprise-grade protection against email security threats. We protect companies from fast breaking, zero-day attacks through advanced detection methodologies.

MailGuard instantly protects your customers against:


  • phishing
  • spear phishing
  • CEO fraud (whaling)
  • malware
  • ransomware
  • spyware
  • viruses, and
  • spam


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Have questions about MAILGUARD?

Why should I use MailGuard?


No business, big or small, is immune to cyber-attacks. Without adequate protection, you’re vulnerable to online threats that can harm your business. MailGuard predicts potential threats and applies immediate protection to its users. First to stop fast breaking attacks, MailGuard prevents threats up to 48 hours ahead of the rest of the market.

Do I need to purchase any hardware to deploy MailGuard ?


Mailguard is a fully cloud based solution and all configuration is done within the console and your Office 365 tenant, there is no deployment to your clients or servers.

Can Mailguard keep a copy of all my emails for compliance or legal requirements ?


Mailguard provides an additional service called SafeGuard that will keep a copy of all your emails both send and received from within your email system that can be accessed by authorised staff for upto 7 years, this is ideal when there is data leakage or issues around email authentication by 3rd parties.