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Dedicated LAN Solutions Complete Major Server Virtualisation/Consolidation and Cluster Failover Deployment for Australian Branch of Large Multinational

December 2nd, 2014 | Posted by peter in Virtualisation - (Comments Off on Dedicated LAN Solutions Complete Major Server Virtualisation/Consolidation and Cluster Failover Deployment for Australian Branch of Large Multinational)

DLS have been busy over the last year coordinating with an international team to scope, plan, supply, test and deploy a server virtualisation project to consolidate 15 large windows servers into a failover clustered Hyper-V based virtualised system comprising just 3 high performance low power servers.

Coordination, planning, approval, testing and deployment was conducted in collaboration with – and ratification by – an international team, and standard change management pratices utilised to achieve a zero downtime migration to the new systems.

The systems support and manage multiple intensive, mission critical infrastructure to service 400 people in the Australian Pacific Region over a dozen sites and five timezones.

The results of the virtualisation and  consolidation have resulted in several major benefits:

  • Failover redundancy for servers and networks ensure that no single point of failure will result in any downtime of business critical services: An improvement on the customer’s past experience  with single servers with business critical services frequently causing major outages resulting from many different sources, such as storage failure, software update failures and many others.
  • Substantial reduction in operational costs of electricity, cooling, and secured storage space through the reduction of 15 servers into three energy efficient servers, resulting in a 8 kw power saving across server, cooling and UPS or  70,000 kwh of electricity (and heat and carbon) a year.
  • Substantially improved performance by utilising the latest in high performing storage and connectivity
  • Substantially improved up-time and response, due to redundant servers allowing virtual machines to move without downtime in order to allow underlying physical hardware and software to be serviced ‘offline’ without user or service interruption.
  • Provides a platform that will serve future needs and expansion for at least 3 years
  • Substantial savings on windows server license costings by using Windows Advanced Server licensing that requires a single license per physical machine, regardless of the number of virtual windows machines within it.

The resulting system is operating with jaw dropping speed and the failover and redundancy tests recorded operational ‘downtime’ during failover from one host machine to another in the cluster to less than 0.2 seconds, which is an excellent result.

Thorough planning, research, testing, piloting and training by Dedicated LAN Solutions has resulted in a extremely positive outcome for our client, which makes us both proud and happy.

It epitomises our mantra of “Secure, Efficient, Reliable”