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Dedicated LAN Solutions Complete Major Server Virtualisation/Consolidation and Cluster Failover Deployment for Australian Branch of Large Multinational

December 2nd, 2014 | Posted by peter in Virtualisation - (Comments Off on Dedicated LAN Solutions Complete Major Server Virtualisation/Consolidation and Cluster Failover Deployment for Australian Branch of Large Multinational)

DLS have been busy over the last year coordinating with an international team to scope, plan, supply, test and deploy a server virtualisation project to consolidate 15 large windows servers into a failover clustered Hyper-V based virtualised system comprising just 3 high performance low power servers.

Coordination, planning, approval, testing and deployment was conducted in collaboration with – and ratification by – an international team, and standard change management pratices utilised to achieve a zero downtime migration to the new systems.

The systems support and manage multiple intensive, mission critical infrastructure to service 400 people in the Australian Pacific Region over a dozen sites and five timezones.

The results of the virtualisation and  consolidation have resulted in several major benefits:

  • Failover redundancy for servers and networks ensure that no single point of failure will result in any downtime of business critical services: An improvement on the customer’s past experience  with single servers with business critical services frequently causing major outages resulting from many different sources, such as storage failure, software update failures and many others.
  • Substantial reduction in operational costs of electricity, cooling, and secured storage space through the reduction of 15 servers into three energy efficient servers, resulting in a 8 kw power saving across server, cooling and UPS or  70,000 kwh of electricity (and heat and carbon) a year.
  • Substantially improved performance by utilising the latest in high performing storage and connectivity
  • Substantially improved up-time and response, due to redundant servers allowing virtual machines to move without downtime in order to allow underlying physical hardware and software to be serviced ‘offline’ without user or service interruption.
  • Provides a platform that will serve future needs and expansion for at least 3 years
  • Substantial savings on windows server license costings by using Windows Advanced Server licensing that requires a single license per physical machine, regardless of the number of virtual windows machines within it.

The resulting system is operating with jaw dropping speed and the failover and redundancy tests recorded operational ‘downtime’ during failover from one host machine to another in the cluster to less than 0.2 seconds, which is an excellent result.

Thorough planning, research, testing, piloting and training by Dedicated LAN Solutions has resulted in a extremely positive outcome for our client, which makes us both proud and happy.

It epitomises our mantra of “Secure, Efficient, Reliable”

Dedicated Lan Solutions moves to Microsoft Office 365 in the Cloud

November 28th, 2014 | Posted by Michael in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on Dedicated Lan Solutions moves to Microsoft Office 365 in the Cloud)

Dedicated Lan Solutions have moved their entire in-house Exchange 2010 infrastructure onto Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud, this process involved the creation of a two way link between the in-house Exchange 2010 servers and the Microsoft Office 365 cloud, migrating approx 75 Gb of data in the form of User Mail Boxes, Shared Folders and Public Folders. All this was achieved with zero downtime for our users over a 4 week period. Call us to discuss your migration plan to Microsoft Office 365 today.


Dedicated LAN Solutions Partner with VEEAM Backup & Replication for Virtualised Platforms

August 24th, 2013 | Posted by peter in Associations - (Comments Off on Dedicated LAN Solutions Partner with VEEAM Backup & Replication for Virtualised Platforms)

VEEAM - It Just worksVeeam Pro Partner

Dedicated LAN Solutions have been granted status as a VEEAM ProPartner.

VEEAM is the leading edge product to accomplish in-place online backup of virtual machine platforms such as VMWare, Microsoft’s Hyper-V platform, and other virtual machine hypervisors, allowing seamless reliable and uninterrupted services whilst having a robust and reliable backup solution to recover from every type of backup scenario from single file/message to complete disaster recovery requiring rapid redeployment of entire infrastructure at a disaster recovery site or in the cloud.

VEEAM supports multiple staged backup with staged storage levels, including onsite online, offsite and cloud replication and offsite static tape storage to fully exploit best practice solutions for reliable and robust backup and recovery.

Dedicated LAN solutions are proud to be able to offer the class leading VEEAM solutions to our customers.  Our ability to exploit VEEAM solutions is part of our strategy in achieving our promise of “Security, Efficiency and Reliability” for our clients.


It’s Official: Windows 8.1 Will Feature Start Button And Boot To Desktop Option

July 19th, 2013 | Posted by peter in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on It’s Official: Windows 8.1 Will Feature Start Button And Boot To Desktop Option)

Windows 8

Windows 8.1 Start Menu

Windows 8.1 start menu showing the apps default

Windows 8.1, which will be available for download in a preview version on June 26, will feature the good old Start button in desktop mode. Users who dislike the new Modern UI/Metro interface will also be able to boot right to the desktop. While rumors about the return of the Start button had long been making the rounds, Antoine Leblond, Microsoft’s corporate VP for Windows Program Management, made the official announcement on the Windows Blog this morning.

Given all the criticism Microsoft had to endure for removing the Start button, it’s not a huge surprise that it will return in Windows 8.1. Microsoft assumed that touchscreens would be a bit more mainstream by now, I think. Leblond notes that Microsoft has recognized that there are still many non-touch devices in use today. That’s a bit of an understatement, of course. The reality is that most Windows PCs don’t have touchscreens. Leblond especially stresses that this is true for commercial settings.

So to help mouse and keyboard users, Microsoft is making a few more changes beyond bringing back the Start button in desktop mode. It will be on by default, but if you don’t like it, you will be able to remove it.

Leblond doesn’t say this in the blog post, but a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to us that you will have the option to boot directly into the desktop, too, without having to go through the fullscreen Start menu first. You will also be able to boot into the Modern UI, but with the Apps list view open as the default.

The Return Of The Start Button – But Not The Start Menu

One question that was probably on many people’s mind, though, was what the Start button would actually do. This may come as a bit of a disappointment to many, but a click on the Start button will take you to the regular Start screen. There’s no Windows 7-like pop-up menu that appears.

If you have personalized the Start screen to the app list view, however (another new feature in Windows 8.1), you will see that instead of the usual live tile view. This view will give you one-click access to all of your apps.

Microsoft will also change the Windows 8.1 Start “tip,” which appears when you move your mouse into the lower left corner of the screen, to be the usual Windows logo and not, as it is today, a representation of the Modern UI Start screen. In addition, you will be able to change what each of the screen’s corners will do.

via It’s Official: Windows 8.1 Will Feature Start Button And Boot To Desktop Option.

Ultrabook, round two: can Intel control the future of the laptop? | The Verge

July 19th, 2013 | Posted by peter in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on Ultrabook, round two: can Intel control the future of the laptop? | The Verge)

Ultrabook inspired by IntelThere aren’t many companies that can set a new direction for the entire computer industry. Right now, three come to mind: PC manufacturers march to the beat of Microsoft’s Windows drum, and many follow Apple’s design. The third is Intel, which influences the market behind the scenes with ever more powerful processors and aggressive marketing campaigns.

In 2011, Intel told every PC manufacturer that it needed to have an answer to Apple’s MacBook Air, and offered $300 million, among other persuasions, to help OEMs develop and market new designs. Intel called it the ultrabook, and specified a set of ultrabook requirements in terms of thickness, responsiveness, and battery life. The manufacturers complied. While some PC vendors champed at the bit by selling machines that were visually identical to existing ultrabooks but that didn’t meet the specification, the new laptops still made a splash at first.

“Intel is pushing the ultrabook slightly beyond its Apple inspiration”

Now, for the first time since its inception, Intel is pushing the ultrabook slightly beyond its Apple inspiration. Specifically, with the new Haswell chips due in late 2013, Intel will require that every ultrabook have a touchscreen. They’ll need to support Intel’s proprietary Wireless Display (WiDi) screen-sharing technology. Intel’s promising all-day battery life as well, and a feature called Connected Standby that lets apps check email and pull down updates even when a computer is in sleep mode. With these new features, Intel is all but mandating what the high-end laptops of the future will look like in 2013 and beyond.

via Ultrabook, round two: can Intel control the future of the laptop? | The Verge.

SonicWALL Mobile Connect for Google Android – Dell SonicWALL, Inc.

July 19th, 2013 | Posted by peter in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on SonicWALL Mobile Connect for Google Android – Dell SonicWALL, Inc.)

SonicWALL Mobile Connect for Google Android

The SonicWALL™ Mobile Connect™ unified client app for Google® Android™ provides Android device users with superior network-level access to corporate, academic and government resources over encrypted SSL VPN. SonicWALL is the only vendor to provide solutions for full malware scanning of the SSL encrypted traffic and application control for Android devices.

Easy deployment and centralized management.

Users can download and install the Mobile Connect app easily via the Android Market. The app provides secure SSL VPN connections across Dell SonicWALL SSL VPN appliances including Dell SonicWALL Aventail™ E-Class SRA, SRA for SMB and Next-Generation Firewall appliances, delivering ease of management and deployment.

Sonicwall Mobile Connect Interface

Dell Sonicwall’s mobile connect platform for ios and android devices.


Mobile Connect enables administrators to pre-configure web, remote desktop and VNC (Virtual Network Computing) bookmarks and web links that are automatically downloaded by users upon authentication. Mobile Connect also adds URL Control, allowing customized applications that require a VPN tunnel to automatically launch Mobile Connect, further enhancing ease of use.

via SonicWALL Mobile Connect for Google Android – Dell SonicWALL, Inc..

Apple Firms Up on iPad 3 Launch Date

February 29th, 2012 | Posted by peter in Apple | iPad - (Comments Off on Apple Firms Up on iPad 3 Launch Date)
Ipad invitation Graphic From apple

Apple has sent invitations to media for an iPad launch event in San Francisco on March 7th where the third generation iPad is likely to be shown off.

Rumours abound on the new features of the tablet. It seems likely that a retina class very high resolution display, similar to the dot density found on the iPhone 4,4s and iPod Touch devices, is likely with a display resolution over twice that of the iPad 2. It is also rumoured to be approximately 1mm thicker than the iPad2 to accommodate a slightly bigger battery to cope with some beefed up cpu and graphics processors to cope with the higher resolution. The jury is out, however on whether the CPU or brains of the unit will be a dual core A5 class device with beefed up graphics, or an A6 quad core device, more in line with offerings from Android competitors.  The camera would seem to be getting a massive upgrade to an 8 megapixel device from the iPad 2’s 1 megapixel unit. Head over to MacRumours for more information.

Dodo Responsible for Major Australian Internet Outage Thursday?

February 24th, 2012 | Posted by peter in Internet | outages - (Comments Off on Dodo Responsible for Major Australian Internet Outage Thursday?)

According to reports around the net, and circulating on whirlpool and twitter, an errant configuration on the major communications internet backbone servicing Australia caused major outages across multiple internet service providers Thursday afternoon, 23rd February, 2012.

Apparently Dodo’s, (an Australian ISP), engineers errantly advertised their internal routes to the backbone, and for some reason Telstra routers took the routes up with a low cost, resulting in a vast majority of Australian traffic attempting to route through Dodo’s connections. It is of course no surprise that the amount of traffic overwhelmed the dodo links in microseconds, and Australia had problems talking to anyone for at least 30 minutes.

You can read more detail here at CRN.

Dec-2011 MS Updates Finally Deliver Security Updates to Prevent Duqu Infection

December 21st, 2011 | Posted by peter in Duqu | Microsoft | Security Updates | Virus - (Comments Off on Dec-2011 MS Updates Finally Deliver Security Updates to Prevent Duqu Infection)

Don’t wait around to install your windows updates this month: Microsoft have released updates to all of its supported operating systems to prevent the intial infection of systems by the Duqu virus/Trojan and its variants.

The Duqu virus is extremely difficult to detect and remove, and is very active in hijacking systems, capturing passwords and banking details etc. It has been in the wild for several months, and this month’s updates include fixes to some of the security flaws that enabled the virus to infect windows systems. I have seen instances where internet banking websites have been unable to be distinguised from fake sites that are capturing login information.

Antivirus software itself is not enough to avoid infection with this virus, and so application of these critical updates is highly recommended.

You can manually update by visiting in internet explorer. Note that systems already infected may have access to this webpage blocked, and if that is the case, you should investigate the security of your systems further.

As a final warning, these security updates plug the security holes that Duqu exploited in installing itself, they do not remove duqu infections if they have already infiltrated your systems.


Microsoft Unveils SQL Server 2012

November 8th, 2011 | Posted by peter in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on Microsoft Unveils SQL Server 2012)
Microsoft SQL 2012

Microsoft announced pricing and licensing models for their SQL 2012 release sheduled for Early to Mid 2012. Client access licenses up by 25% and a move away from per cpu pricing to per core licensing for Cal-less enterprise product.

Only benefit seems to be up to a 400% increase in performance for transaction based loads, but something tells me that the majority of users will not see this result without some serious optimisations to their structure and code. See more info here. Microsoft Unveils SQL Server 2012 Licensing and Pricing —